About Wyrd Armouries



Wyrd Armouries came about in 2015 as the joint name for collaborative works between Wyrd and Wired and MalHanch Armouries. We started working shows together in early 2014, but had each had been out there being creative for years before that. Between the two of us, we have over 25 years of various experience making and selling unique handcrafted goods. If you can dream it, chances are one of us can make it!

Cynthia Abernathy started as a jewelry artist and is now a costumer and leather worker. Nathaniel Wilson is a blacksmith, as well as creator of prop weapons and other oddities.

With enough random skills for a medieval village, together we create unique work to adorn and amuse. You can find us at media conventions, renaissance faires, pagan festivals and craft shows along the east coast.

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