Handmade Creations By:

Nathaniel Wilson | Cynthia Abernathy | Collaborations

Here are some of our happy customers!

Have a photo of yourself with our costumes or props? We’d love to add them. Email your photos to


We loved providing the headpiece for this beautiful photo shoot!
This stunning photo by Phylicia Garcia #phyliciagarciaphotography used Cynthia’s short red fleece cape. Glad it worked for your Red Riding Hood photo shoot!
This awesome hammer found a new home at Steampunk World’s Fair 2016!
Sometimes, the right mask finishes off a great cosplay. Thanks for buying our leather mask.
Happy customer with our horn-tipped spear, black fleece cloak, and short crystal wand.
Happy barbarian fae with her new club!
Melissa – @hairharmonypdx – looking awesome in her custom leather waist cincher.
Katherine as Wonder Woman in our fur trimmed black fleece cloak.


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