Event Review – Anachrocon

We spent last weekend at another event that was new to us, though it was the 10th anniversary of the event overall. The fun of moving south means that our day-travel radius has shifted… if we’re willing to push it, as far south as Atlanta.

So that’s where we went!

The other fun part of this is that we are meeting all new vendors and customers. So we had a nice weekend meeting fun new people.

Unfortunatly, much like our show earlier in February, we had a lot of time to meet our fellow vendors. Traffic was light, and those who had done this convention repeatedly all agreed that things were down year over year. Still, we did generally well, met awesome new people, and have some new custom orders to tackle – which I will definitely be sharing in progress pictures of! Keep an eye on our Instagram if no where else.

Now on to the photos!

I love this dealer’s room sign! I wish more conventions would be creative with it.
The nice and not to big dealer’s room.
Obligatory picture of Nathaniel finishing pieces in the booth. He’s gained an audience.
Another booth photo! The creepy shield did startle a couple of people.
Wood spoons and wood knives. We’ve got it covered!
A fun example of taking creative inspiration from found objects. The skull sword got lots of attention.
There were so many excellent costumes about! Love these two.
Steampunk Scarecrow! Wish I’d seen him back when I did steampunk Batman villians for Dragon Con.
This woman is determined to spread more positivity to the world, and I love her cause!
Awesome time machine made out of a mobility scooter.
When traveling in time, you totally need a plasma caster, right?
Our big steampunk contraption is finally ready for sharing. Glad they had fun posing with our weapon!
Excellent music for the Saturday evening concert. Tuatha Dea were lots of fun!
Wish this band had a larger audience, because they were a blast!
Spider lace totally needs a spider sword…
…or, apparantly, a Harley hammer, since that went home with her for her own customization.




Event Review: Virginia Renaissance Faire 2017

We love participating in VARF, and were happy to return for five weeks this May to June! Of course, with an outdoor fair and the growing Virginia heat, there are always some hiccups.

First weekend, I was madly trying to track down our new tent with absolutely no info coming from the company as to an ETA. So, week of we went ahead and bought a car port from Harbor Freight and some canvas for side walls so we would have something.

So when did our new tent arrive? The day before show opened, so too late to get it set up for first weekend.

We did get it all set up for second weekend, thought we were hot and tired and did not realize it was inside out until it was all up. We left it that way for the show. Last hiccup? We were in our usual spot, but with a larger space it was clear just what an odd hill it was. The tent stayed well, but we were constantly having to accommodate for the lean. Next year, we’re adding a platform and an in-tent fan!

Our temporary tent on the grey first day of faire.
Second day – sunny, and Nathaniel’s huge sword from Artomatic is raised to gain attention to our odd space.
Second weekend – new tent raised… inside out. Oops!
Nathaniel working on armor at our demo table.
Drawing the eye however we can – a new sign with our new logo, and a new colorful ribbon cape.

Artomatic 2017

Here’s a little change from our usual shows. Artomatic is one of my favorite recurring art events in the DC area. Every couple of years, they take over a vacant office building. The space is first come first serve to artists for whatever they want to create and share. It is a great opportunity to meet other artists and jump start your creativity.

This year Artomatic came back to Crystal City, and we managed to get a three person room. We split it between the two of us and another gamer artist friend, Kat, who does lovely comic style art. Doing a room together made us seem like a small, curated gallery. People loved stopping by and seeing our work over the month the show was running. So here’s what we displayed in our awesome room.

My big project for the winter was to make a leather dragon. I made her head first, which means scaled up she was 13 feet long. Final assembly had to happen in place… so here she is while I am still adding scales.
Up close on the dragon’s face. So many pieces of leather!
And done! Ahdraga drew many people to our lovely gallery room.
My additional leather work, these shadow boxes were all inspired by vintage lace patterns.
Kat’s wall! Wonderful and fun ink and watercolor pieces.
Another view for Kat.
Nathaniel made weapons of modern gods. These got a lot of chuckles as people read the snarky captions.
Hard to tell from the photo, but this sword is huge!

Show Review: Glimmerdark 2017

Yeah, I am way behind. Glimmerdark was in February, a fantasy and dark fairy convention that took over from Wicked Faire. It had it’s issues as a new/revised event, but I look forward to seeing what it becomes.

So to catch up more easily, I’m just going to sum it up in pictures. Enjoy!

All set in the ballroom. We had to be a little creative since our booth opened on three sides.
My new lightup cloak! Playing with sheer materials for the fairies.
Masks and light up blades. The light ups were a hit – one area where occasional darkness was to our benefit.
New sign, and lots of cloaks.
Green fairy backpack flask.
Happy barbarian fae with her new club!
A view down the aisle, for a bit of the show feel. We don’t get out of our booth much.

Event Review: CSM Renaissance Faire 2016

As every vendor at conventions, faires, and craft shows knows, sometimes you just don’t have a good weekend. It’s particularly unfortunate, though, when it’s a show you’ve previously done well at.

CSM Renaissance Faire is a small fair we’ve been involved with since it’s first year. It’s on the same weekend as a lot of other possible shows, but we’ve kept doing it because it’s a fun little thing, and turns a nice profit for the cost. Unfortunately, this year was painfully small. From the outside, it does not look like they’ve really even let the college students know that this event is going on on their campus. There were a tiny number of vendors, so really not enough to keep those who did come out around.

We spoke at length after the last day to one of the organizers, and he seems to want to make this show work and be better. The several of us – vendors and entertainers – that stuck around to talk to him all had ideas and volunteered our assistance to see it happen. So, this show sits at “we’ll do it again if he actually takes us up on the assistance. If not, we’re filling our April another way next year.

So now… photos!


After Show Report: Madicon 2016

Well, I’m definitely a bit behind on sharing our awesome show stories, but we’re in a good catch up time, so here we go!

Madicon is a fun little convention at James Madison University every March. It is one of the smallest events we do, but it’s great for getting our year rolling. Plus, we get to reunite with a bunch of vendor neighbors we meet over the year.

This year they expanded the vendors a bit. I’m not sure how that did for others as far as sales, but I liked the feel of the newly set up room. We did nicely, but partially that’s from a lot having been learned working as hard as we have over the last year.

So, without further ado, enjoy some photos from March’s Madicon!

We got a table on the end, so I was able to bring my nice new rolling rack for cloaks. Fleece is so cozy for March!
Nathaniel has been perfecting his light up blades. I think these are the second and third versions. Plus, experimenting with a dark box to best show them off.
We’ve really figured out how to take a one table space and make a whole little booth.
Madicon benefits a local wild bird rescue organization. I love when they show off the birds of prey! Here’s a tiny kestrel.
Yup, the leather masks still get to come along. And by request, more bracers!

Show Report: Scares That Care Weekend 2

Wyrd Armouries – all your monster hunter needs!

Wyrd Armouries just got back from our first horror convention, and it will not be our last. Scares That Care Weekend is a small convention as the ones we attend go, but one with an excellent atmosphere, a great staff, and fun people. Plus, they are very serious about the money they make going to charity, which is very important.

We had some minor hiccups as vendors. When we started, our table was kind of tucked back in a corner, and thus people didn’t really approach. It was made worse when one table next to us didn’t show, so people would swing wide and barely look. But the staff was nice and fine with us moving a bit on Saturday, which helped not just us but the other occupied table next to us.

There was also the fact that is was our first time at this convention, and our first time at a horror convention at all. As a result, we tried out several new products, in as a mix with the ones we usually bring. It was very easy by the end to see what sold and what people had no interest in, so we know better what to bring next year.

And yes, this convention is on our “will do again” list. We already have ideas! But until then, visit us next weekend at Richmond Comic Con!

Our booth at Scares That Cares. Tweaking our display and colors all the time - I rather like this look.
Our booth at Scares That Cares. Tweaking our display and colors all the time – I rather like this look.
Vampire Hunter’s Tool Rolls – one of my new products, and one of our hits of the weekend. Must make more!
Inside the monster hunter's backpack. Quick and easy monster repellent, candles, badges.
Inside the monster hunter’s backpack. Quick and easy monster repellent, candles, badges. People had good laughs looking into this set.

Virginia Renaissance Faire Wrap Up

Well, it has been a crazy five weeks for us, and mostly in the good way. Almost every week had us hurrying back to our respective studios to make inventory to replace what sold and fill special custom orders. We had some great outfitting team-ups, and while we are enjoying a little bit of a rest we’re already thinking towards next year.

Here’s some fun photos from around our tent:

More leatherwork added as the weeks went on. And one week, I had comics on the mind.
More leatherwork added as the weeks went on. And one week, I had comics on the mind.
Nathaniel's wooden weapons, in all kinds of shapes and sizes, wait for  their new homes.
Nathaniel’s wooden weapons, in all kinds of shapes and sizes, wait for their new homes.
Or perhaps an axe is more to your liking?
Or perhaps an axe is more to your liking?
Visitors line up for the Queen's procession in front of our booth every day.
Visitors line up for the Queen’s procession in front of our booth every day.
Thus, we also get to meet the court...
Thus, we also get to meet the court…
...and the Queen's lovely ladies.
…and the Queen’s lovely ladies.
Finally, the Queen!
Finally, the Queen!

Post Convention Report: Madicon 2015

Hello everyone! Nathaniel and I have returned from Madicon, and have to say we had a blast. It was our first time doing this convention, but it won’t be our last.

Madicon is a small convention on the campus of James Madison University. As a small college convention, it is not one with a lot of attendees and major guests. But the overall friendliness of students, staff, and other vendors alike more than made up for any lack from size.

Our shared booth at Madicon 2015. We had to experiment a bit when we had more space than expected - definitely the direction you want a surprise to go!
Our shared booth at Madicon 2015. We had to experiment a bit when we had more space than expected – definitely the direction you want a surprise to go!
I completed the center piece the night before the convention. Wood, heat, and a lot of patience.
I completed the center piece the night before the convention. Wood, heat, and a lot of patience.
Nathaniel's light up blades were a huge hit at their first  event.
Nathaniel’s light up blades were a huge hit at their first event.
...so much so that this one was completed at the convention, and sold the next day!
…so much so that this one was completed at the convention, and sold the next day!

On the way back, we made a brief detour into antique flea markets. I’ve been on the hunt for an old crank screwdriver I can use to replace my plastic one, and we were also keeping an eye out for items we could turn into props. And along the way we got silly, and lost track of time…

Nathaniel found the Ladle of War!
Nathaniel found the Ladle of War!

Now we’re both madly getting ready for ren faire season to start. Products and booth and costume oh my!