Yup, We Went to a Bigfoot Festival in 2019!

Here’s some of the fun I didn’t get to share with everyone in the busy time of the year – we went to a Bigfoot Festival! Actually, we sort of went to two. Let me explain… 🙂

IMG_20190824_112553.jpgAs often happens in a year, we found we had a gap with fewer shows than we thought, so we went on a last minute online rush to find some shows we could do and keep things going. We ended up finding a small event in Cherokee, NC. It was the first Cherokee Legends Comic Con. As we’re still having fun exploring our state, we decided why the hell not?

So first the fun that is Cherokee… We had never been out there before, and I have to say it was kind of cool to do an event on the Cherokee reservation. We had no idea how we would do business-wise, so we made sure we would have fun anyway. I found us possibly the oddest and most fun hotel we have stayed at. We were in what looked like a 1970s built tourist “teepee” fronted cabin. It looked run down terrifying from the drive up (seriously, I forewarned my husband so he wouldn’t think I was totally crazy), but absolutely delightful once you were there. We had a full cabin with a nice kitchen and multiple bedrooms, and then the back opened up into an awesome porch with hot tub, over one of the creeks that feeds the river in town. So nice!

And that river was one of the things I loved about Cherokee. When we weren’t working, we were taking walks in beautiful parks on the water, and stopping in silly touristy shops. (Yes, we did also go to the casino before we left.) Since I grew up in a family that collected native art, I also took time to find some real galleries.

The event was entertaining, and not bad for a very small first year event. Unfortunately several vendors did not show up… but fortunately we’d also brought pretty much all of our stock with us, so we ended up taking over an entire row to help fill the room. We were back to back with two of the celebrity guests, so we had an awesome time chatting and laughing during the many slow times. Not exactly a  money maker for us, but fun.

The event was organized by someone who had primarily had organized Bigfoot and related conventions in the past, and it showed. There was a lot more Bigfoot or alien sightings or supernatural experiences to the panels than comics, but it was still a lot of fun, and an introduction to an event type that we had not done before. And as a result of being there, we were invited to the South Carolina Bigfoot Festival.

IMG_20191026_102306This was another moment of “Sure, why not?” So in October, we were off to a Bigfoot themed street festival in South Carolina.

We don’t do a lot of street festivals anymore. We used to do more, but as our work is not exactly main stream it doesn’t tend to do really well for us. Well, not so great at sales for this one because of that bane of outdoor festivals in October – rain. But oh my was it a blast!

Costumed people as Bigfoot wandering around and posing for pictures, contests for Bigfoot look-alikes and having the biggest feet, this town knows how to throw a great event!

If we do these again, we hope for better weather, and will bring more Bigfoot and cryptid related items with us.

(I did make these silly journal covers for the South Carolina Bigfoot Festival. I’m going to make more – see them on Etsy here!)


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