The Amethyst God Hammer

Those of you who have seen us at our last couple of shows of the year also got to see Nathaniel’s major art piece of the year. This was a dream project, and I wanted to take a moment and share it in detail with you all.

First of all, here is the pretty:


Nathaniel had been wanting to make a God Hammer for a while, and he focuses personally on a god who wields a hammer (and no, probably not the one you are thinking – a crafter god.) The right stones to inspire the project were not coming along, until the idea to make this geode faced.

So, here is the result after many, many hours of making it work, plus multiple trips to find the perfect crystals:

  • Two large amethyst geode crystal faces
  • Several smaller amethyst clusters
  • Blue abalone shell disks on the opposite side
  • Tree of Heaven (yes, that is really what it is called) hammer head
  • Hickory shaft
  • Hand stitched leather detailing with hand tooled phases of the moon
  • Buffalo hide handle wrap

The result weighs sixteen pounds. Yes, you could actually wield it, though it is unwieldy and might lose a few crystal points if you do.

This is very much a one of a kind piece, though we can use it as an inspiration for a special piece for you.

Yes, the price tag is $10,000 for this really special art piece. We are happy to take that in multiple payments if the purchaser is serious. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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