After Show Report: Southampton Renaissance Faire

We added a new fair to our shows this year – Southhampton Renaissance Faire, near Virginia Beach. As an April show, it was still a bit chilly be this was a fun, vibrant weekend fair and great for getting the fair season rolling.

This fair really had a great atmosphere. Lots of vendors happy to be out on a lovely weekend, good crowds, and an entertaining night life. This fair threw one hell of a pot luck feast for people staying on site Saturday night, which was both delicious and an awesome way to hang out with show friends we’ve made over the last couple of years.

The only criticism is that the flow of how they set up the space was kind of bizarre, and we definitely want to be farther from the entrance next year. But this is a firm contender for a regular event for us.

We set up our booth for a nice walk around set up, visible from the multiple ways people would walk around the booth.
Yes, that is indeed a chicken in a tutu, on a leash. I love fairs.
Sky, my new little fan, watched my leatherwork demos.
Mark, channeling his inner barbarian, in an awesome bear pelt one of the other vendors had for sale. I wish I’d had the funds for some of his gorgeous furs!
Thanks guys for a great start to the fair season!
The patchwork red tent makes its opening appearance for the year! A bit of a breeze, but not too bad of one.