After Show Report: Farpoint 2016

Another year is upon us, and another cold February show to kick it off! At least this year did not have snow, but the wind during set up was bitter. But that’s why winter shows are indoors.

The colorful corner of our table – leather masks and dice earrings.
Awesome cosplay! Matt the Radar Tech, complete with “Sorry I killed your son” cards.
Leather outfit – prototype for the upcoming faire season.
Wood blades. light up blades, fun toy weapons!
Sunlight blinds guests midday, but makes the dice look pretty.

It was an odd show this year. Most of the dealers we spoke to were not happy with the turn out. But looking at the numbers at the end, it’s funny to see we would have been happy with our sales several years ago. But as business gets bigger, it’s time to look for bigger things.

I did outfit the front desk in cloaks to keep them warm though. So yay for winter on that!